Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a general term that describes the process of taking legal action regarding business disputes.  A business litigation attorney may be consulted to assist in settling a dispute between one or more businesses or to file a lawsuit or seek other legal redress arising out of a business dispute.  A critical aspect of being a commercial litigator is the ability to analyze a client’s problems and to counsel the client on the various options they may have to solve their problem.  In some cases, a lawsuit is not the answer.  The best approach may be to seek a quick and cost efficient business solution through negotiation, mediation or even arbitration.  In some cases, however, it is necessary to file a lawsuit to adequately protect a client’s rights and interests or to recoup monetary damages sustained, or likely to be incurred in the future.  The client must be aware of all options and the likely outcome of each.

At Ward & Condrey we specialize in handling business disputes – particularly matters involving:

  • breach of contract
  • construction disputes
  • antitrust
  • unfair trade practices
  • real estate disputes
  • banking and finance
  • oil and gas disputes
  • RICO (racketeering)
  • product liability/redhibition

In the realm of commercial litigation, we have posted numerous representative cases.  We believe these cases demonstrate the capabilities we bring to the table and the drive we have to fight for our clients’ rights.  Whether the matter is a relatively small business dispute or a large complex matter, we have demonstrated over time our ability to achieve results for our clients.  You may note we have taken on some of the largest corporations in business and have prevailed for our clients.  To achieve justice, we have no qualms going toe to toe with any opponent – regardless of size or resources.